2023 Annual Meeting - DEI Content

As part of ASH's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), the Society has made a series of complimentary sessions on an array of DEI topics available on ASH Academy On Demand.

The bundle includes:

Poster Walk on DEI in Hematology

Outcome Disparities in Hematologic Diseases: The Importance of Social Determinants in Health

Community Partnerships: An Essential Component to Advance Health Equity

How to Support LGBTQIA Patients, Trainees, and Colleagues: A Whole Person Perspective

Using Research to Advance Equity in the LGBTQIA+ Space

Systemic Racism in Hematology

Special Scientific Session on Race and Science: Bench to Bedside to the Community

What is a “Normal” Neutrophil Count? The Duffy Red Cell Antigen, Ancestry, Genetics and Evolution

Hot Topics in Blood Donation: Donor Risks and Social Justice