IMPACT Audio Lessons

IMPACT: Impacting Multiple Myeloma Patients in African American CommuniTies Series

Of all the hematologic malignancies, multiple myeloma (MM) has one of the greatest disparities in incidence and prevalence, with incidence in African American patients more than twice that in white patients. Developing effective culturally sensitive communication strategies can help break down longstanding barriers in the management of MM in African American patients. Improved understanding on the part of the clinician with regard to available and emerging medications, the clinical data supporting their use, guideline recommendations, and barriers to care can help improve access to care, in turn increasing overall survival and decreasing mortality in this underserved group of patients.
ASH has a longstanding commitment to combating racial inequities. These podcasts will teach hematology/oncology clinicians culturally sensitive approaches for management of multiple myeloma in African Americans, how to address barriers due to racial disparities in African American patients, and strategies to implement newly gained knowledge for the best outcomes of African American patients with multiple myeloma. A new topic is released monthly.